Panther Club

Panther Club

The Mead Hall Panther Club is a great way to get involved with our school’s sports programs. The Panther Club raises funds to further enhance the different sports offered at our school. There are many Panther Club volunteer opportunities. The Mead Hall Panther Club seeks parent involvement from all sports teams: Get involved today!

GARMENT SALES: The Panther Club sells red and blue hoodies (approved for daily uniform wear) for students and parents as a part of our fund-raising efforts. Also, we have a limited number of sport-specific T-shirts for parents and fans. Check them out in the school store!

MEETINGS: All interested boosters are welcome at Panther Club general meetings. Dates will be announced on this page soon. Come be a part of supporting Panther Athletics; you will be glad you did.

Check out the Mead Hall Booster Club Facebook Page for Current Events and Photos.

Support our student-athletes: It’s the Panther Way!!

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