Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Mead Hall Episcopal School challenges students to pursue academic excellence, spiritual growth, and moral integrity.

Our Philosophy

Mead Hall, as the parish day school of St. Thaddeus Episcopal church, is committed to providing the following:

  • A firm spiritual foundation to guide a lifetime of moral choices.
  • A challenging curriculum which encourages students to fulfill their academic potential.
  • A nurturing community which allows students to develop confidence in themselves as capable leaders.
  • Opportunities for students to exercise responsibility for their learning and their actions.
  • Community outreach projects to teach students the value of service to others.
  • The love of Jesus Christ to all students, that with guidance from the Holy Spirit, they may understand their worth as a child of God.

The above Mission Statement and Statement of Philosophy provide valuable insight into Mead Hall’s objectives in educating students, yet the manner in which the faculty and staff accomplish these objectives is less succinctly described.

Mead Hall is a pillar in the educational community because of the high standards of learning and behavior which the faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees uphold. Beyond merely advocating for these standards, we must model them for our students and parents. We show that we value learning by continually opening our minds to new thoughts and ideas. We demonstrate our Christian values in the way we show love and respect for all members of our school family. We make sound moral choices in our professional and personal lives if we expect our students to do likewise.

When we as individuals consistently embody these ideals and honor God with all that we do for the sake of his children, Mead Hall will be able to continue building foundations which will reach far beyond this immediate community.

School Motto

Deo iuvante, labor noster omnia vincet.

Translation: Pleasing God, our work conquers all.