Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the Leadership Team

Dr. Frank Sawyer

Head of School

"Mead Hall is a school where students are encouraged to succeed academically, develop a sense of self and grow in faith and integrity."

- Dr. Sawyer

Amy Calfee

Director of Student Health

"Students are known and loved at Mead Hall school! Through the mission of our school, each student is challenged to pursue academic excellence, spiritual growth, and moral integrity. Mead Hall community members become extended family members. It is a great place to work and learn!"

- Mrs. Calfee

Dr. Felicia Pontoo

Director of Admissions
& College Guidance

"Here at MHES, we are family. Students graduate with all the tools necessary to accomplish any goal set before them. Watching them evolve from year to year into young people who are determined, committed, and ready to serve is a gift from God."

- Dr. Pontoo

Joanne Morton

Head of Lower School

"Mead Hall is a place of learning where children with unique gifts and abilities are known and loved as individuals and as children of God."

- Mrs. Morton

Dianne Goodson

Director of Finance

"Mead Hall is a family, a safe, loving place to raise children, a place life long relationships are formed."

- Mrs. Goodson

Lindsay Tucker

Academic Dean and Registrar

"At Mead Hall we strive to provide an environment where students take ownership of their learning. We also aim to set a strong foundation onto which students can continue to build upon for years to come. "
- Lindsay Tucker

Dr. Mike Buck

Head of Middle and Upper School

"Mead Hall is a family where parents, students, and our faculty and staff partner to help all our young people reach their full potential!"

- Dr. Mike Buck

Antonio Grant

Director of Athletics

"Mead Hall Athletics is where barriers are broken and kids are in their most natural form unguarded and all working towards a common goal and that's to have a safe and enjoyable athletic experience without judgement of skill, ethnicity, race, or class and we all are bottled together as well as God's people."
- Coach Grant

Fr. Joseph Whitehurst

School Chaplain & Director of Spiritual Life

"Mead Hall is a school that educates the whole child; we are a community that challenges each child to fully realize and grow into the person that God created them to be."

- Father Joseph

Sandi Houck

Director of Technology

"Mead Hall not only focuses on utilizing the invaluable resource of the internet, but teaches the rules and etiquette that allow our students to stay safe online."

- Mrs. Houck