Panther Lunch

Lunch At Mead Hall

Mead Hall is delighted to offer lunch to all panthers as part of our tuition costs, allowing each student to participate in a meal filled with flavor and nutrition. Our panthers enjoy an exciting and varied lunch menu prepared each day on campus.  Our chef, Miss Raye, is truly an integral part of the Mead Hall family and our students can attest to her incredible cooking.

​Mead Hall families are able access the lunch menu each month on their ParentsWeb account under the 'Student' heading.  They are also posted here for your convenience.

Lunch with our panthers

We have suspended visitors at lunch during the pandemic and we hope to welcome back our visitors in the future.

Parents and other invited guests are welcome to join us for lunch. The cost is $5.00 per person. Please pay in the school office when signing in as a campus visitor. When having lunch with your child on the St. Thaddeus Campus, there are round visitors' tables for you to use. We would ask that food prepared off campus is not brought into school on either campus as this creates a disruption for our other students. Our legendary chef, Miss Raye, offers an incredible menu and would be happy to adapt to any dietary needs – simply call the School Office ahead of time to allow our kitchen time to prepare.

Kindergarten Lunch Schedule

     Stilp – 10:50am

     Crump – 10:55am
     Snider – 11:00am

     Brown – 11:05am
     Burns – 11:10am

Lower School Lunch Schedule

1st Grade:
     Moccia – 11:30am
     Sokolik – 11:35am

2nd Grade:
     Head – 11:40am
     Waters – 11:45am

3rd Grade:
     Alkema – 12:00pm
     Hawley – 12:05pm

4th Grade:
     Briggs – 12:10am
     Morgan – 12:15am

Middle School Lunch Schedule

5th Grade – 

6th Grade –

7th Grade –

8th Grade –

High School Lunch Schedule

9th Grade – 

10th Grade –

11th Grade –

12th Grade –