Meet the Board of Trustees

Meet the board of trustees

For this school year our Head of School, Dr. Frank Sawyer, and your Board of Trustees are in partnership to make Mead Hall Episcopal School the area's premier private school by offering the highest quality academic education in a Christian environment. The vitality of the school depends on our commitment and leadership. We look forward to serving Mead Hall Episcopal School and accomplishing results that will make a difference in the lives of our very special students.

Grant Wiseman


Dr. Rich Waugh


Ken Wilson

Vice Chair

Suzanne Ozment


Claudia Adams


Board of Trustees Members
Norma Akins, Reggie Barner, Meg Massie, Anne Moore, Meredith Parrot,
Kathy Reynolds, Leslie Wyatt.

Ex Officio Members
Dr. Frank Sawyer, Tad Whiteside