Student Parking


Students who drive to school must have a Vehicle Registration form on file in the main office. This form includes information about your license, vehicle registration, and insurance. Students are reminded that they are legally required to hold a valid US drivers license and that it must be in the vehicle at all times if they are driving.

The student parking is located in the area at the corner of Florence Street and Richland Avenue. Seniors are assigned personal spaces, and all other students park on a first-come basis. Only student vehicles are permitted in the student lot between 8:15 am – 3:45 pm. During this time, family and friends are not permitted to park in the student parking lot.

The speeding limit on Mead Hall ground is a strict 5 mph. Panthers are reminded that permission for operating a vehicle on campus comes with the responsibility to drive safely and park in designated spaces. Any student who drives recklessly on campus or operates their vehicle in a unsafe manner will lose the privilege of driving and parking on campus.