Special Events

Campus Events

Meet Your Teacher
This is an orientation held prior to the beginning of school. Families go to their child’s classroom to meet with the teacher to discuss classroom specific instructions and expectations. This is the time to make arrangements for PTO volunteers, room mothers, party helpers, and drivers for field trips.

Mead Hall Sunday
Mead Hall Sunday is held in October of each year. Students take part in the worship service at St. Thaddeus on Sunday morning. All faculty, students, and parents are invited to attend.

Gold Bars
A long-standing Aiken Prep tradition, Upper School students spend an afternoon in Hitchcock Woods playing Gold Bars, a game similar to Capture the Flag.

Grandparents’ Day
Grandparents and other special guests are invited to spend part of a selected day at Mead Hall.

Christmas Program
A kindergarten and lower school music program is presented in the gym just before the Christmas holidays. Students participate and parents and friends are invited to attend.

Alumni Weekend
Each spring, alumni from Mead Hall, Aiken Prep, and Aiken Day School are invited to return to the school for a celebration which includes the Alumni Soccer Game and other events.

An Aiken Prep tradition, students in grades 4K – 12th grade memorize a speech, poem, or monologue, and declare it in front of their peers. Kindergarten and Lower School students participate in a Declamation Showcase in the St. Thaddeus Sanctuary. Students in Middle and High School compete by grade, and the winners perform in the Declamation Contest Finals in the Aiken Prep Campus Auditorium.

Strawberry Festival
The Strawberry Festival is held in the spring, usually the second weekend in May. This event is the PTO’s primary fundraising event, with proceeds going to PTO sponsored activities and programs.

Spring Arts (APC)
Events throughout the year showcase student art, drama, and musical accomplishments.

Senior Project Presentations
After researching and writing for a semester on an approved topic of their choice, seniors present their capstone projects in a formal presentation to the Upper School students, faculty, parents, and guests.

Field Day
Students on the STC enjoy field day events hosted by upper school students on the APC.

Sports Banquet
Held in the gym of St. Thaddeus, Mead Hall athletes and coaches are recognized at this special dinner two times per year.

Senior Dinner
Seniors and their families are invited to an intimate dinner in the Aiken Prep Campus Auditorium.

Closing Exercises
Closing Exercises for Kindergarten, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School take place at the end of the school year to recognize the achievements of our students. Students typically receive year-end report cards, recognition certificates, and awards. The ceremonies are held in the St. Thaddeus sanctuary.

Commencement Exercises
The culminating event for Mead Hall students, commencement is held on the last morning of the school year. The program includes speakers, the presentation of Upper School Awards, and the presentation of diplomas.