Upper School Curriculum

Curriculum 9th-12th

Welcome to Upper School
Our upper school offers a strong college preparatory curriculum, leading to graduates who are offered an array of college and university acceptances and scholarships in South Carolina and beyond. Our course of study offers the core requirements of a high school education and includes engaging options in the sciences and the arts. We have offerings at the Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Preparatory level. Students may also take Dual Enrollment courses at University of South Carolina, Aiken. Mead Hall upper school students build a knowledge base of intellectual skills while developing their reasoning and analysis. Our faculty are committed to providing individualized support and inspiring students to see and achieve their goals.

An Aiken Prep tradition since 1946, students in PK – Grade 12 memorize an age-appropriate speech, poem, or monologue, and recite it in front of their peers.  The opportunity to memorize and recite a selected work increases vocabulary, enhances diction, and strengthens public speaking skills.  The confidence instilled in these students results in poised and articulate adults. Students in Middle and High School compete by grade, and the winners perform in the Declamation Contest Finals in the Aiken Prep Campus Auditorium.

Senior Project
The Senior Project is an intensive research and writing course in the fall, and continues as a public speaking course in the spring. This course includes the study of research and writing techniques. Students will become acquainted with the spirit and methods of academic inquiry.  Students will hone their communication and critical listening skills in order to present their research to the community.