Uniform Guidelines

Mead Hall students wear a uniform to school each day. Proper attire and personal grooming permit students and teachers to focus on the important work of learning. Parents have a vital role in helping their children understand the value of the dress code and providing their children an appropriate selection of clothing. The Mead Hall uniform guidelines are written concisely for the sake of simplicity; school faculty and staff may be called upon to decide whether or not a clothing item or hairstyle is permissible.

K/LS Uniform Guidelines

MS/US Uniform Guidelines

Senior Uniform Guidelines

Students in grades 1-12 wear a formal uniform on Wednesdays, the day on which these students attend chapel.

Formal Uniform Guidelines

New daily uniform items with a Mead Hall logo may be purchased through Lands' End simply by clicking the link below. Mead Hall receives a small percentage from the purchases made at Land's End using the school's Preferred Number: 900083965.

Land's End Logo | Mead Hall

Innovative Solutions, located on Richland Avenue in Aiken, is an approved vendor who can embroider the Mead Hall logo onto polos and other approved school apparel and items.

Formal plaid items currently may be purchased at the school store on the Aiken Prep Campus. The Mead Hall plaid is NOT available from Lands End. Contact the APC at 803-648-3223 or Valorie Vance-Kraus at vvance-kraus@meadhallschool.org for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The Mead Hall School Store also has gently-used and new daily and formal uniforms for sale at discounted prices. The school store is located on the Aiken Prep Campus facing Florence Street. Hours during the 2018-2019 school year will be posted soon.

Contact Valorie Vance-Kraus at vvance-kraus@meadhallschool.org for more information or to schedule an appointment to visit the school store.

Don't miss the BACK TO SCHOOL SALE July 25 & 26 from 9AM - 6PM.

Donations of gently-used uniforms may be dropped-off at either campus office.