Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather...

When weather or other conditions indicate the possibility of a change in the normal operation of Mead Hall or Mead Hall's Extended Care program, parents, teachers, and students may use this website, the school's telephone answering service, or local media to obtain current information. Mead Hall will generally follow the emergency closing actions of the Aiken County Public Schools.

Telephone Answering Service

In the event of a school closure or opening delay, simply call the school office at 644-1122 for the most current information. Even if the office is closed, the outgoing message will provide the information.

Local Media

Mead Hall will attempt to notify local radio and television stations in the event of a school closure or opening delay. You may tune in to the following stations for details.

WAFJ | FM 88.3 | North Augusta
WBBQ | FM 104.3 | Augusta
WJBF | Channel 6 | Augusta
WRDW | Channel 12 | Augusta