Middle School Curriculum Overview

Bridging the span between elementary and upper school grades are the transformative years of middle school. Children blossom into teenagers before our eyes: developing physically, discovering new talents, evolving into independent learners, and maturing into roles of responsibility and leadership. These are exciting years at Mead Hall in which we provide opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, physical, artistic, and social development in a supportive and safe atmosphere.

Within the middle school we use a loose grouping of fifth and sixth grade and seventh and eighth grade students to allow for physical maturation, to provide a larger peer social group, and to give opportunities for collaboration on community service projects and travel experiences.

Intellectual Development

Fifth and Sixth Grades - The hallmark of our academic program in fifth and sixth grades is experiential education. Middle School students thrive on active learning and social interaction, and we provide daily opportunities to move, build, create, debate, interact, and imagine in our academic classes. On any given day you might find students exploring ancient Egyptian pyramids, acting out prepositions, creating artwork to depict mathematical concepts, conducting natural science experiments, participating in field trips, designing power point presentations, and more. We believe that students remember what they do far better than what they hear or see alone.

Experience based learning is most effective when coupled with a strong academic foundation. Our exceptional faculty builds on the basics of the elementary curriculum to prepare our students for more complex mathematical reasoning, literary analysis, written, oral, and visual communication, global historical connections, and scientific procedures.

Seventh and Eighth Grades - At Mead Hall we recognize that the young people we teach today will be navigating in a world unimaginably different than we can perceive currently. With that reality in mind, our seventh and eighth grade curriculum focuses on the twenty-first century skills that will prepare today's learners for tomorrow's world. While still experiential in nature, academics in seventh and eighth grade hone skills in oral, written, and visual communication, teach appropriate research techniques for the virtual world, prepare students for credit bearing courses in math and science, and bring global and local history to life through interviews, travel, and guest speakers. By eighth grade many of our students are ready to earn upper school credits in Algebra, English, Spanish, and Computer Science.

Spiritual Development

Believing that spiritual development is a vital part of the mission of Mead Hall, our middle school students participate in a sacred studies program each week that teaches biblical history, Christian principles, and daily faith applications. Students are taught by church leaders and are mentored by faculty and staff. Prayer, devotions and opportunities for corporate worship are also an integral part of our weekly schedule.

Artistic Development

All middle school students at Mead Hall have the opportunity to develop creatively through our Art Block program. Band, drama, and visual art are offered to students four days per week. In this new dynamic program, students have the opportunity to master an instrument in our beginning and concert bands. Drama students write and perform plays for younger children and parent/community audiences, and visual art students learn the techniques necessary to create original artwork which is displayed in shows on and off campus each year.

Physical Development

Students in fifth through eighth grade participate in physical education classes, and fifth and sixth grade students also take archery each week as a part of our athletic curriculum. In addition, all middle school students are encouraged to participate on extracurricular sports teams. Mead Hall Panthers compete against other middle school teams in the CSRA in the following sports: tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, cross country, volleyball and track. Look under the Athletics tab for further information about Mead Hall athletic programs; the Events calendar contains details for upcoming games.

Social/Moral Development

Each year our dedicated faculty, church staff, and parent volunteers provide social events for our students to enjoy. Dances, game nights, community service opportunities, field trips, concerts, and educational travel all enhance the learning experiences of our school and add to the social/moral development of our middle school students. Mead Hall students can participate in student government, Jr. Beta Club, and after school clubs in archery, drama, visual art, and more.