2018-2019 Meetings

October 26, 2018

On October 26th Cody Anderson came and spoke to the Interact Club. Mr. Anderson is the funeral director and owner of the George Funeral Home in downtown Aiken. He talked about his history with Mead Hall, changing his major "about a million times" when he was at USCA, and how he became interested in becoming a funeral director. His interest began when his grandmother passed away and George Funeral Home performed the ceremony. His first day on the job did not end well when he passed out; however, he stuck with it and later went on to buy the funeral home.

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September 26, 2018

On September 28th Senator Tom Young came and spoke to the Interact Group. He talked about his Mead Hall experience, what he does in Columbia, and Aiken, and his role models Senator wise.

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