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Supporting Our School

The members of our school community share a passion for educating and nurturing children. Faculty, parents, grandparents, parishioners, and alumni know that children whose needs are met grow up to become lifelong learners, well prepared for leadership in their professions and communities. They understand that those few and formative years of a child's life are worthy of our best efforts and our most generous tendencies.

Independent schools rely on substantial constituent support to fulfill their mission, and Mead Hall is no exception. Most independent schools operate with a 15% or higher gap between operating expenses and tuition revenue. This difference is made up through tax-deductible donations including annual fund contributions, gifts or pledges to support special projects, and planned gifts. Simply put, your support makes it possible for our school to prepare children for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service.

Your gifts will allow us to continue to offer an exceptional educational experience in historic downtown Aiken. Your sustained giving will demonstrate the community's commitment to the care and well-being of our children, allowing us to further enhance our programs and facilities through grants from charitable foundations. Every gift makes a difference for our students. Historically, gifts range from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars; there is no right amount to give. Please prayerfully consider the many options for supporting our school.

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American Taxpayer Relief Act 2012

A great way to support St. Thaddeus and Mead Hall is by taking advantage of the opportunity to make tax-advantaged distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts ("IRAs").

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 permits individuals age 70 1/2 and older to arrange direct transfers from their IRA account to qualified charitable organizations, up to a maximum amount of $100,000 per person ($200,000 per couple).

It is essential that the IRA administrator make the transfer directly to:
- St. Thaddeus (Tax ID # 57-0367517)
- Mead Hall (Tax ID # 57-6005040)

Distributions can be made ONLY from a traditional or Roth IRA. Other retirement plans, such as pensions, 401(k) plans, and others are not eligible, but can be converted in order to take advantage of the IRA rollover giving vehicle. This gift could count toward your annual required minimum distribution ("RMD"). The charitable rollover distribution can be used to pay down a pledge or as an outright gift. It cannot be used for quid pro quo arrangements or to establish life income vehicles such as annuities or trusts.

There is no charitable deduction, but the amount sent to Saint Thaddeus or Mead Hall will be excluded from your adjusted gross income.