College Counseling

Year-by-Year College Preparation 

Ninth Grade

  • Do your best work in all your classes; freshman year grades do count for college admissions decisions.
  • Read books for school and for pleasure; reading is by far the best way to improve verbal test scores.
  • Seek help from your teachers if you find yourself struggling in a class.
  • Seek to become involved in several activities; pick one or two in which to seek leadership opportunities.

Tenth Grade

  • Continue to do your best in school and continue to read books.
  • Seek advice from your counselor about course levels such as Honors and AP.
  • Visit a few colleges as your family travels for vacation or to other events.
  • Consider attending CSRA College Night in Augusta in September.
  • All Mead Hall sophomores will take the PSAT in October.
  • In the winter, consider your summer plans.  Work? Travel? Camp? Internship?

Eleventh Grade

  • Continue your good study habits.
  • In the early fall, start making a "brag sheet," if you do not have one already.  This is a list of all of your activities and awards and will come in very handy next fall.  Continue to update this list from now on. 
  • Consider taking Mead Hall's SAT/ACT Prep class, or another such course either in person or online. 
  • Create an account with The College Board if you have not already.
  • Create an account with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you may be considering college athletics.
  • All Mead Hall juniors will be required to attend CSRA College Night in Augusta in September.
  • All Mead Hall juniors will take the PSAT in October. 
  • Attend the sessions of visiting colleges as they travel to Mead Hall.
  • There is a required parent and student meeting in December for all juniors.
  • After the group meeting, each student and his/her parents will meet with the counselor for a planning session.
  • Start researching colleges online and begin to create your "long list."
  • In the spring and summer, take the SAT and/or ACT.
  • In the spring and summer, visit several colleges, including tours and information sessions.


  • In the summer or early fall, meet with your counselor to create your "short list."
  • Plan to apply to five or six colleges in consultation with your counselor and your parents.  
  • Take the SAT or ACT again in the fall.
  • Make sure you have approprite accounts set up to apply to your schools; i.e., commonapp, college board, coalition, etc. 
  • Talk to your parents about the FAFSA.  Seek advice from school counselors as this can be confusing. 
  • Make sure you have applied for appropriate scholarships and financial aid. Your counselor can help you. 
  • Make careful note of all deadlines, both internal and external. 
  • Give teachers and others plenty of notice about letters of recommendation.  It matters!
  • Check in with your counselor every week.  (Or every day if you are stressed out!)
  • Try to have fun.  This fall may be the busiest one of your life so far.  And the best!    

Online Resources For AP, SAT, and college search home of the ACT The Common Application to hundreds of colleges, plus great tools for the search process Another application choice For potential college athletes Federal Financial Aid form; to be filled out during the senior year for the following year's financial aid award a good guide for scholarship information Study guides in all subjects, plus SAT Prep. Can be linked to your College Board account. A widely used college guide with application tips another college search resource

Contact the counselors at 803-648-3223, or at or