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Welcome! Here at Mead Hall Episcopal School, we begin preparing students for college by meeting with them individually and carefully planning their academic courses each year. Emphasis is placed on helping students to identify their strengths and placing them in courses where they will experience the most success. Careful attention coupled with sound college guidance makes Mead Hall Episcopal School the number one choice for parents looking for a solid, independent school in the Aiken area and the surrounding CSRA community. We look forward to working with you!

Felicia Pontoo, College Counselor
(803) 644 - 1122
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Fax: (803) 641 - 9543

Below are a variety of resources to aid students and their families in the college planning process and to assist in making the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.

Online Resources

College Preparation Checklists

Elementary/Middle School:

Freshman/Sophomore Checklist:

Junior Checklist:

Senior Checklist:

College Search and Admissions Information

Online Applications

Financial Aid Information

Intercollegiate Athletics